This is tentative programme and can be subject of change.

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Theme: Medical robotics
08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome remarks
IFTOMM president
09:10 Welcome remarks
Representative of Basel City
09:15 Opening of scientific program
Representative of the University of Basel
09:20 Topic: The spirit of MESROB
Doina Pisla

Topic: Surgical robotics
Plenary talk: Elena De Momi

Embedding AI in robotic surgery

10:15 Coffee break
10:45 Robot-Assisted Laserosteotomy
Plenary talk: Cyrill Bärtscher & Hans-Florian ZeilhoferStefan Weber
11:30 Demo session: MIRACLE Project
PhD students of the MIRACLE Project
12:30 Lunch
Meeting of the MESROB Scientific Committee (location TBA)

Topic: Surgical robotics
Keynote: Christos Bergeles

Robotics for Retinal Regenerative Therapy Delivery

Topic: Medical lasers and optics
Keynote: Alfred Vogel

Pulsed laser tissue ablation: Mechanisms, and optimization strategies for precision and efficacy

14:40 Technical session Technical session
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Technical session Technical session
17:30 End of technical program
18:00 Lab visits
Theme: Rehabilitation robotics / Assistive devices
08:00 Registration

Topic: Rehabilitation robotics
Plenary talk: Lorenzo Masia

From Robot-Aided Rehablitiation to Wearable Exosuits: towards a symbiotic assistive technology


Topic: Rehabilitation robotics
Plenary talk: Mohamed Bouri

Lower limb rehabilitation robotics. Sitting position and exoskeleton devices

10:15 Coffee break (Talent scouting)
10:45 Presentation CYBATHLON (please click here for more details)
11:30 Demo session: CYBATHLON
12:30 Lunch Break (Talent scouting)
Meeting IFToMM Technical Committee Biomechanical Engineering (location TBA)

IISAART special session: Standards and best practices in medical robotics
Keynote: Thierry Keller

Topic: Navigation
Keynote: Roger Gassert
14:40 Technical session Technical session
16:00 Coffee break (Talent scouting)
16:30 Technical session Technical session
17:30 End of technical program
18:00 Gala Dinner
Theme: Service robots / Haptics
08:00 Registration
09:00 Award ceremony for senior scientists
09:15 Keynote
Manfred Husty
09:45 Keynote
Hannes Bleuler
10:15 Coffee break

Technical session 
Keynote: Ross Taylor

A Thirty Year Perspective on Medical Robotics: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Technical session
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Poster Session
15:00 Technical session Technical session
16:20 Coffee break
16:50 Award ceremony for best papers (research, application, students)
17:15 Closing remarks
17:30 End of Conference